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The Curse of Kuebiko

“The Curse of Kuebiko” is the end product of three years of business development and struggle. It is a story created from an experience that is unique to me; the key to it, however, is that everyone has been through this process in one way or another.

In the start-up industry, there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs battling against time, battling against money and the opinions and needs of the world’s inhabitants. One in ten of these start-ups will succeed and the other nine statistically will fail.

The message in this piece is that there are a lot of people who will tell you that you will fail, that your idea is not good enough, not cheap enough, not expensive enough, not likeable enough…it is likeable enough, but in the end the mind becomes muddled with the opinions of the many.

Many refer to this start-up process as “walking the desert”. There will be many years of walking the desert and facing the demons that you have always been afraid of. The beauty of these demons is that they are only there to guide you. They are like a compass and the more afraid you are of them, the more likely it is that you should walk directly through them. “Ultimately, a scarecrow is a hollow threat - it cannot do anything to the seeker other than scare”

This piece was not only fun to paint, it was also fun to conceive. And the idea, the concept, hit me so hard.  I was sitting in the Chali Rosso Gallery sketching in the middle of a collection of Dali’s artworks, with a collection of mine alongside of his work. I was thinking back on all of my mistakes, my successes, and the things that really scared me in my journey to this lounge that I was sitting on. Without realising, in the past three years I had walked straight past more scarecrows than I could have imagined. Some were horrifying to me, some seemed like clowns and some had a genuine desire to help, yet all of them had the potential to stop me from moving forward.

With this realisation, I instantly saw in my mind a desert full of scarecrows blowing in the wind, immovable, stagnant yet proud. In many ways they were also pointing me in the direction of my dreams. They were my guides and essentially became the message that I wanted to share with the world in “The Curse of Kuebiko”.

Written By William D. Higginson.

March 19, 2018 by William Higginson