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The Tyranny of Time

'The Tyranny of Time' was specifically designed to hang alongside a collection of works by Salvador Dali in 2017. Higginson’s work was chosen by the director of the Chali-Rosso Art Gallery, Susanna Strem in a concept called  Reflections: Inspired by the Masters

The gallery partnered with some of the finest, accomplished, local Vancouver artists to create a group show dedicated solely to exploring how art and artists are connected, through time and space, due to infinite influence and inspiration.

A select group of artists were challenged to create works of art that are directly inspired by any of the masterworks in Chali-Rosso’s gallery collection. This includes original works by Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Miro, Chagall, Motherwell, Hirst, Lichtenstein, Warhol and many others.

The contemporary works were exhibited next to their inspirational works by the Masters.

This exciting project aimed to illustrate how relevant the art of the Modern Masters continues to be and how their influence can still be felt in the contemporary art of today. In addition to the academic value, the goal of the exhibition was to gain a visual experience about how art is continual and successive.

The project was endorsed by the MOV, Museum of Vancouver, dedicated to inspire a deeper understanding of Vancouver through stories, objects and shared experiences.

Higginson’s exploration into Dali’s work, coupled with modern day influences yielded an incredible result in the 'Tyranny of Time'. The piece was largely influenced by his experience with cancer, and time being like an hourglass in the sky, forever fading, melting away and the artist’s will to dismantle it.

The piece also dealt with the underlying pressures of being a leader in the community and the responsibility that comes with this role. The weight of the human race bearing down on the individual who is there to solve the problems of many, a role that Higginson is only too familiar with in his experience in the start-up industry in the Arts. This again brings it back to time and the race against it - if only the 'Peregrine Man' has the tools to stop it, dismantle it, and free everyone from its grip.

Written By William D. Higginson.

April 15, 2018 by William Higginson